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Contributing to LLM Engine

Updating LLM Engine Documentation

LLM Engine leverages mkdocs to create beautiful, community-oriented documentation.

Step 1: Clone the Repository

Clone/Fork the LLM Engine Repository. Our documentation lives in the docs folder.

Step 2: Install the Dependencies

Dependencies are located in requirements-docs.txt, go ahead and pip install those with

pip install -r requirements-docs.txt

Step 3: Install the Python client locally

Our Python client API reference is autogenerated from our client. You can install the client in editable mode with

pip install -e clients/python

Step 4: Run Locally

To run the documentation service locally, execute the following command:

mkdocs serve

This should kick off a locally running instance on

As you edit the content in the docs folder, the site will be automatically reloaded on each file save.

Step 5: Editing Navigation and Settings

If you are less familiar with mkdocs, in addition to the markdown content in the docs folder, there is a top-level mkdocs.yml file as well that defines the navigation pane and other website settings. If you don't see your page where you think it should be, double-check the .yml file.

Step 6: Building and Deploying

CircleCI (via .circleci/config.yml) handles the building and deployment of our documentation service for us.